Find a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert

This directory of Primal Blueprint Certified Experts is published as a resource to help elevate their public profiles and help the reader learn more about them and perhaps connect in their local area. We have no formal business association with any of the experts.

Emma-Louise  Parkes


Hampshire, -, United Kingdom

+44 (0)2392 006123

Hi! I've been a primal enthusiast of four years after adopting the lifestyle helped me to overcome some serious health issues, lose weight and feel alive!

My new found love of real food led me to become both Primal Blueprint Expert and Precision Nutrition certified, and a qualified life coach.

I own Eleven Health and Lifestyle Coaching, where I help busy people around the world make small changes to get big health results. Please contact me for further information.

Jeff Sarris (Paleo Porn)


Chicago, IL, USA

I develop brands at SPYR and eat ridiculously well at Paleo Porn. Since the start of 2009 I've been immersed in the paleo lifestyle and in 2010 co-founded Paleo Porn with my wife Marla (don't worry it's food porn, not porn porn). It's been amazing to be a part of this movement – from having a man in Pisa bent over laughing at me and my weird shoes (Five Fingers) in 2010 to, in 2015, being privileged to connect with over a million people at Paleo Porn. How far we've come.

Chris Adams


Mesa, AZ, USA

Chris Adams is a career firefighter/ Paramedic of 12 years with the Salt River Fire Department. Chris is an ACE/IAFF certified PEER fitness trainer for the department and has served on the department of health and wellness team for several years. Chris specializes in lifestyle, nutritional, and fitness consulting for emergency responders. His goal is to create positive lifestyle changes that reflect the authenticity of the individual as well as the trainer. In his off-time, Chris enjoys gymnastic strength training, olympic lifting, yoga, rock climbing, swing dancing, mindfulness practice, and hiking/camping.

Tony Adams


apt 7D, 8 Knox St
Double Bay, -, Australia


Company director

Samantha Agtarap


Port Moody, -, Canada

I became interested in wellness, stress and the role of food in health after losing my father to a sudden heart attack in 2000. I have explored and studied Reiki, meditation and Ki training, primal lifestyle benefits, and spent countless hours researching food and its interactions with health. I work with my husband at our gym Engineered Bodies to promote healthy lifestyles. Previously a Mechanical Engineer (hence my love of research), I now coach clients in adopting primal lifestyle habits.

Bill Alexander


Racine, WI, USA

I have been a primal enthusiast for a few years now and I believe that it is the true path to feeling better and living to your full potential.

I am currently in the process of developing a personal training company and hold NASM certificates in personal training and as a certified nutrition specialist. Adding the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification has added extra depth to my wellness knowledge.

Marcus Alexander


Luxembourg/Boston, -, Luxembourg/USA

A runner, duathlete, and triathlete. Nationally ranked top 5 for duathlon and All-American in the triathlon. Heading to the World Champs in Australia later in 2015. Originally from Wimbledon, UK now live in Luxembourg and USA.

Have been a total primal athlete over the last two years and the results are great.

Petra Alpsjo


Taby, -, Sweden


My name is Petra and I live in Stockholm together with my husband, our three boys and a Labrador. I become Primal a few years ago and will never look back.
In addition to my work as an IT coordinator, I'm a trained nutritionist, which I practice at a wellness center in Taby, Stockholm. I work with clients who want to switch to a Primal lifestyle and diet and with those who already are Primal but are struggling with autoimmune conditions, digestive problem, and other health-related conditions.

leanne anders


Porepunkah, VI, Australia

I live in a beautiful country town in Victoria, Australia with my husband and 3 dynamic kids. We live a primal, nature connected, active lifestyle. I am passionate about empowering parents to help their kids live a life of optimal health and wellbeing, along with educating my own family about the benefits of a primal lifestyle. I love to share how we apply these key concepts in our everyday lives and how easy it actually is to live by them.

Bodhi Anderson


Kailua, HI, United States


Aloha, I want to help my clients achieve optimal health through primal aligned nutrition and lifestyle changes. I work with clients virtually and in person to ensure I can offer comprehensive support and guidance. I help with finding local food sources, movement education and all around life coaching. I am the first and only Hawaii based Primal Blueprint Certified Expert. I am also a Licensed Physician Assistant and a Navy Medical Officer for the US Marine Corps.

Myra Antell


301 Palo Alto Way
Austin, TX, USA


While I was going through mysterious medical issues that doctors were never able to diagnose, I discovered the Primal Blueprint and came to the realization that my medical issues were directly related to my "healthy" lifestyle. Three years into my journey, I am at my best health ever.

Joshua Arentz


Meridian, ID, USA


I am a man on fire about Primal Living! It feels amazing. Let me help you feel amazing too. I am a business professional by day but identify myself as a Martial Artist and movement-based athlete. Let me help you reach your goals and rid yourself of the SAD and chronic cardio patterns you have learned as gospel. Let's get you firing on all cylinders.

Rob Arthur


3504 Milam Ln. Apt. 399
LEXINGTON, KY, United States


National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach (PN1), and Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

Jamie Ashton


Monmouth, -, United Kingdom

07968 316971

I've been a Primal evangelist since losing 25kg four years ago. I write and blog about all things Primal at

If you're looking for help with the Primal way, want to lose weight, or talk about how to go about it, get in touch!

David Atlas


8346 7th pl s
West Palm Beach, FL, USA


I am a permaculturist and Health and wellness professional. I run Laulima Farm in West Palm Beach FL, and Work with a lot of local and wild foods we have growing on the farm. I am available for consultations and health coaching.

Casey Aveggio


Bayside, CA, United States

After high school, I took off to Thailand to volunteer in a hospital, which inspired me to learn as much as I could about health. Eventually, I found the Primal Blueprint, and I've been hooked every since! Traveling and going to school while living this way is tough, but its not impossible, and it lets me enjoy every aspect of my life much more than if I was stuck living the standard American way. Paleo made me healthy, but it also made me HAPPY. And that's the most important thing!

Jyenny Babcock


Los Angeles, CA, USA

I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the ancestral health movement because I believe modern "food" and lifestyle habits are literally killing us, or at least making us very sick. I became a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert for personal enrichment and am always happy to share that knowledge. Check out my blog, which features articles about self-reliance and sustainable living practices where I share tips on gardening, DIY projects, and recipes that are paleo/primal friendly. Grok on!

Andreas Backlund


Linköping, -, Sweden

After years of non primal eating ive found my way to primal eating, and living! With experience from both sides of the primal paradigm and studies connected to the primal comunity im really glad to help and inspire others to do the same!

Lori Baggerly R.N


808 N 11th
Alpine, TX, United States


My Mission: To motivate and inspire individuals with health and wellness goals. I safely teach clients about their bodies and the benefits of fitness, nutrition and aging.

Life Experiences:
-NASM- Advanced Cert.- Personal Trainer
-Cert. Cross-Fit Judge
-Cert. Sports Nutrition- Fit Nutrition
-Primal BluePrint Cert.
-TRX Suspension Trainer
-Contest-Prep Consultant for Figure/Physique/Bodybuilding
-Critical Care/E.R. Registered Nurse 23+ years
-Masters Champion Natural Bodybuilding over 35&50

Nigel Bailey


Essex, -, United Kingdom

My journey began more than 20 years ago when I decided to go vegetarian, moving to pescetarian after 10 years. My epiphany came when I challenged my thinking on vegetarianism (everyone knows it's healthier, right?!), and learnt some stuff that was to change my way of thinking, my diet and my lifestyle. I haven't looked back!

I am now looking to provide advice and support to others for leading an optimal lifestyle through enhanced nutrition and fitness.

David Bain


Calgary, -, Canada

I began the 2014 calendar year (during which I turned 45) weighing 245lbs. I am, however, well on track to ending it 45 lbs lighter.

My transition has been gradual. I work a desk-job and face many "opportunities" to challenge conventional wisdom while improving my quality of life. The Primal Blueprint and the information provided within the Cert. are precisely what I needed to make sense of where I was, where I wanted to be, and how to get there.

Ashlee Barkeloo


1006 Wellington Dr
Washington, IL, United States


My names Ashlee, I'm 21 years old and I love eating Paleo and expanding my knowledge of Nutrition. I'm hoping that becoming Primal Blueprint Certified will help me in my career later on.

Robert Barker


Haymarket, VA, USA

I am a retired U.S. Marine, Master Fitness Instructor, martial artist, and creator of Gladiator Fitness Elite Boot Camp ( I direct several Gladiator Boot Camps throughout Northern Virginia, which were voted Northern Virginia's Boot Camp of the Year. It's also the official boot camp of the Super Spartan Race and the Discovery Channel. I'm a huge advocate of primal living and enjoy helping many of my clients adopt primal lifestyles. Grok On!

Guy Robert Beauchamp


Playa del Carmen, -, Mexico

After years of trial and error, in both training and dieting, I finally found the resolution to my quest for better health through the paleo way of life.

I went from a 40 to a 33 inch abdominal measurement, lost 35 pounds of fat, and gained strength and muscles--no more aching, pain and high blood pressure. At 55, I've never felt so good in my life. I am not growing old, I am growing healthier.

Through much research and study I now feel can help others in their own quest for quality life.

James Beaumont


Caldwell, ID, USA


I run a small kettlebell strength and conditioning facility and martial art school outside of Boise, Idaho. I have been paleo/primal for over 4 years now and have studied health and nutrition my entire life. I am a certified sport nutrition specialist, and to be honest, the only reason I worked to attain that particular certification was to "legitimize" my nutrition advice (paleo/primal). Looking forward to this in order to fully promote proper nutrition in my area!

Mike Belkowski


Missoula, MT, USA

Hey all! I am a physical therapy student graduating this spring. I have been digging through the research and constantly reading books to further my knowledge and education on the paramount topic of health, especially of that related to diet/nutrition. My dream is to implement this passion of the primal lifestyle with the my future PT patients/athletes and further facilitate this vital information to the community I live in and beyond. Feel free to contact me for networking and/or questions!

David Bell, MSW


Baltimore, MD, USA


I have lived the paleo/primal lifestyle since 2011 and it has given me more than just my life back. It has given me an enhanced life and better functioning. Now, as a health and life coach, I want to pass this information on to as many interested people as possible as a complement to my psychotherapy practice. In this way, I will be constantly working to spread both mind and body health and optimal living.

Jen Black


3234 Mission Dr
Santa Cruz, CA, United States


I am a Private Chef. I am classically trained. I have always been on a quest for delivering delicious food for those I cook for. Over a year ago my daughter introduced me to Primal Blueprint and I have been actively pursuing a Primal Lifestyle. I am thoroughly engaged in creative new ways to keep primal-aligned foods interesting, relevant and,of course, absolutely delicious! Everyone I cook for has been enjoying the results of my efforts. This Lifestyle is inspiring and I hope to inspire others.

Laura Bocianski


2355 Somerset Valley Drive
Antioch, TN, United States


I'm the owner of Be Free Health Coaching LLC, an online health coaching company that uses health education and holistic practices to help people adopt healthier lifestyles.

As a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury, I'm passionate about using the science of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, social support, and stress management to help YOU live the life you want.

Jacob Boldman


Austin, TX, USA

Currently attending Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts school.

Mark Bravery


Gold Coast, -, Australia


I'm a registered nurse and have been primal for three months after a triple bypass. I lost 33lbs so far, and am now stronger, healthier and fitter than ever before. I bypassed the heart foundation diet, and currently avoid grains, legumes and dairy.

Now I want to help others find the secret that was kept from us, which is so simple and easy. I'm living Primal.Today

William Bridgman


Norwich, -, United Kingdom

I'm part of the academy (U.K) and have trained in martial arts since I was 15. For many years I exercised according to C.W with mixed results and always with injuries. A typical teenage diet and lifestyle didn't help. A few years ago my colleague introduced me to the Primal Blueprint and it transformed the way I approached training, nutrition and lifestyle. I now wish to help my students avoid the mistakes I made by living a primally aligned life.

William Broach


Summerville, SC, USA

I am a 45 year old Department of Defense police officer and retired military. Primal Blueprint has helped me lose 25 pounds and 6% body fat so far and corrected my blood pressure and eliminated my pre-diabetic symptoms. I am in the process of starting up a business coaching people in the Primal lifestyle. It is still in the initial phases, but feel free to contact me via if you are in my area and are interested in becoming healthier and feeling better than you ever have.

Alicia Brock


Carmel, IN, United States

Susan Brodrick


New York, NY, USA

Growing up, I always thought it was important to be healthy. As an adult I mostly followed conventional wisdom, which did not result in vibrant health. In 2011 I discovered Mark’s Daily Apple. Finally I had found something profoundly compelling. I am inspired by Mark’s conviction that “we all possess the genetic recipe to build a strong, lean, fit, happy, healthy, loving, productive, fulfilled human being” and I would like to do what I can to help people understand and live the primal lifestyle.

Karen Brown


Corner Brook Newfoundland, -, Canada

Have been working with fitness and nutrition for 35 years outside of my sales position in an unrelated field. I have been following a primal diet for two years. I took this course to be more prepared to deal with the concerns of the conventional thinker's diets and fitness practices. I recently semi-retired from the sales world and want to move further into my own wellness business. This certification was a great opportunity and am thrilled to be an expert in this proven approach to health.

Ginny Browning


P.O. Box 500177
Malabar, FL, USA


I am a Primal Blueprint Certification Expert, ARNP & have completed the CrossFit L1 course. I specialize in weight loss, transforming SAD recipes to Primal, blood chemistry normalization & assisting in maintaining a long-term Primal lifestyle. I offer group seminars, group food prep classes & individual counseling/coaching. Please visit my website

owen bruhn


Victoria, -, Australia

I grew up in the city & country, played sports (weights, yoga & fighting ones) and already knew something about health. I did grad research at Baker Institute - O'Dea's aboriginal primal - paleo trial made sense. I moved sideways to OH&S, hygiene & ergonomics and I have watched the ancestral health movement unfold.

I took the Cert to fine tune my understanding. I'm not currently in private practice but this may change.

Clive Burns


Noosa Heads, QLD, -, Australia

I'm passionate about helping those who want to make positive, progressive changes to their life with results that manifest in how great they look and feel today, tomorrow and for the rest of their lives. My training does this through education, instruction, inspiration and by example. I guide people step-by-step through a sequence designed to empower them with the knowledge, understanding, wisdom and independence required to make the permanent transformations they desire.

Thuy Burritt


Al Ain, -, United Arab Emirates

My name is Thuy (twee) Burritt. I am a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor and studio owner (Fit Pilates Al Ain). I live both in the UAE and VA, USA.
My husband, two children and myself suffer from various food intolerance (wheat, soy, milk, egg, etc.); therefore, we find Primal/Paleo (minus the dairy) suits us the best.
I want to combine my fitness expertise with my personal experience and Primal Blueprint Expert knowledge to help many others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Dr. Andie Butler


7 Hunters Path
Lebanon, NJ, USA


I am an equine veterinarian and a holistic health coach for people. I have been 100% primal since April of 2012. I have a special interest in helping people manage their chronic diseases by implementing ancestral health strategies, because they work! I also have a special interest in biomechanics and restoring natural movement as a preventative and treatment for both acute and chronic injuries, and understanding the nervous system and the mechanism behind chronic pain.

Kyle Buttress


70 Twenty Sixth Ave
Palm Beach, -, Australia


I'm a Kettlebell Instructor (SFG) a Martial Arts Instructor a Mobile Phone Software Developer, my goal is to combine my passions to build a better future for my family and myself.

Michael Buyer


Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A

Will fill in later

William Calvani


Charlottesville, VA, USA

Husband, Father, practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu and MovNat certified trainer with a lifetime interest in how our food choices shape us and enhance our performance in all areas of life. Bill is the store co-manager and Grocery buyer for Rebecca's Natural Foods in Charlottesville Virginia.

Brad Campbell


Birmingham, AL, United States

Currently working on my Primal Journey, and happy to help others onto the primal path.

Brenda Canter


30 Deva Glen Rd
Asheville, NC, USA


I'm blessed with a wonderful husband and son who understand my love of helping people improve their lives. I'm a CPA by profession, and my calling is being a coach. Running and quilting are my past times. In 2015, I will pass into the 60-64 age group! I've been Primal most of 2014 and am helping several members of my family as well as some friends to get to where they will live long and drop dead!! The PB Expert Certification will up my credibility.

Kelly Carlson


13633 W. Tulane Pl.
Morrison, CO, United States


I live in Morrison Colorado and enjoy climbing our mountains, mountain biking, trail running and camping. I have suffered migraines since I was a child and could not figure out why, Primal Blueprint had my answer! After "messing " around with the primal lifestyle for a year or so, I started taking it very serious about 1 year ago, Migraines under control! I just turned 50 and have decided to become a personal trainer and health coach. The first step, Primal Blueprint Certification!

John Caton


Euless, TX, USA


Taking the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification course has expanded my understanding of basic human health and fitness needs. Surprisingly, to me, I was raised with these concepts but I didn't believe them to be true, then. To enhance my own well being and that of family, friends and acquaintances is my goal. This journey is a new one, but follows an old path.

Shelley Chidley


Los Angeles, CA, United States

I'm an advertising writer in LA and (obviously) a paleo/primal health nut!

Brenda Colbert


3600 holborn place
Frederick, MD, United States

(240) 429-7320

I am woman, Bren, Brennaboo, Wife, Mom, Grammie, warrior of life.
I am a life long entheusiast of the wonders of the human body. Even as a child, I was looking for the best way to take care of myself. I have been told that I have a common sense about it. I am very curious. I dig for it. Being human, I have struggled at times, but I am a diligent student, and I learn continually. I share everything with those I love.
I am a family person.I love to laugh. I am not afraid to cry. I am strong.

Vanessa Colleran


Coldstream, -, Canada

Registered Veterinary Technologist currently enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2015. I will be coaching clients on diet and lifestyle factors locally, as well as online through True North AIP.

Autoimmune Disease and Lyme Disease warrior who is using whole food to find true health by following the Autoimmune Protocol of the Paleo Diet.

I'm on FB, Instagram and Twitter and have opened an Advice Column on my blog linked below.

Stephen Collins


Canberra, -, Australia

+61 410 680722

I'm the owner of acid Physical Training, where physical training and understanding the body meet to make you better.

Head, hands, and heart: I'm here to work with you to improve your body and your mind.

It's vitally important to me that you understand why you're training, how you move, how you live, and what you eat. There's no point just going through the motions.

When you train with acid Physical Training, I'll deliver for you, with a focus on Making you. Better.

Joseph Condora


405 Woodlawn Ave.
Linden, NJ, United States


My name is Joe and I am a primal coach living in NJ. My goal is to help all of my clients achieve their full potential and reach all of their desired goals. I strive to coach my clients in a way that is both approachable and applicable. I shun a dogmatic health approach and instead lead my clients down a holistic path of endless possibilities by implementing fun recipes, playful movement (excercise), and biohacking techniques. Connect with me @primalexample on Twitter for advice or just to chat!

Bob Connor


International School Bangkok
Bangkok, -, Thailand


I am 62, having recently returned to live in Thailand, working once again as an international educator, and part-time fitness-wellness coach. I have been following the primal lifestyle now for 7+ years, having already inspired a number of people to "Get Primal." The PB Certification course has definitely expanded my primal knowledge base, as I also seek to slow down the ageing process. I look forward to motivating more people in the coming years, to lead healthy active lives. Grok On!

Becky Cuellar


Laredo, TX, United States

I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and Fitness and Master's degree in Health Education from UT Austin. I wasn't introduced to primal living until a year after graduation, and I've been living, eating, breathing primal ever since! Currently, you can find my husband and me spending time with our 4 dogs and 16 city chickens. We have high hopes for a farm in the future. With this certification, I hope to teach others about primal living and lead them on a happy road to great health. :)

Daniel Cummings


Darlington, -, United Kingdom

I am 23 years of age, a crossfitter/coach and a primal enthusiast looking to improve my health and fitness through exercise moving patterns and what i put in my body daily. I aspire to be a super-regional level athlete and help people live long, happy, healthy lives through integrating the Primal Blueprint nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Alvin Danenberg, DDS


Charleston, SC, USA

I am a periodontist in practice for 40 years. In 2013, I began incorporating primal nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle changes for all my periodontal patients. In 2014, I received the designation of Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. In 2014, I also launched my website,, where I offer phone consultations, post my favorite recipes, and post blogs relating gut health and primal lifestyle to dental health and overall health. Contact me with questions, and I will respond.

Leslie Davey


94 Marland Street
Kenmore, -, Australia


Optometrist by profession, but non practising. 58 years old. Emigrated from South Africa to Australia in July 2000. Married to Helen and have 3 sons, Bryce 32 yrs old, Warwick 30 yrs old and Wade 26 yrs old. Live in western suburbs of Brisbane. Always been interested in nutrition and the body. Sports enthusiast and love the outdoors

Craig Davidson


Tiffany Avenue
Cheltenham, -, Australia

+61 0404 462 448

An avid reader of evolutionary health and fitness, including the best holistic lifestyle book, the Primal Blueprint. From a sporting family, grew up actively playing competitive basketball and Australian rules football, then coaching and running a local basketball team as a parent. Enjoy weight training and functional fitness pursuits while working as a management consultant. Now certified, keen to master the primal principles and use that knowledge to teach others optimise their health.

John Davidson


PO Box 253
Peoria, IL, USA


I teach group fitness classes at Gold's Gym and have spent the last several years embedding Primal living into my life. I live by the Pareto principle, the 80–20 rule, which means I'm dedicated to finding the processes that get me roughly 80% of the effects from 20% of the work. Because, while health and fitness is very important to me, family is more important and I'm sure it is to you too.

Don't let perfection get in the way. Let me help you get started.

Jared Davis


12002 County Rd. 11
Burnsville, MN, United States


I am a chiropractic physician specializing in athletic and soft tissue injuries. I hold a full body certification in Active Release Techniques.

Lisa Davis


Cheltenham, -, United Kingdom

I'm passionate about Paleo and primal lifestyle after personally seeing health improvements within my family. I wanted to become certified so that I can now share this knowledge.

Stephen Decker


2925 Chateau Ln
Nacogdoches, TX, USA


I am a graduate student studying kinesiology at Stephen F. Austin State University. I hold my BS in kinesiology from SFA, as well as my ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist certification. I currently work as a Graduate Assistant at SFA, teaching several kinesiology courses.

Noah DeKoyer


734 Broadway
Bayonne, NJ, USA


Paleo / Primal Enthusiast
Loving Husband and Father of 2 Beautiful Boys
Co-Owner of the Centre for Epigenetic Expression
Co-Host of the Pain Relief Project
Co-Host of new Summit Release in June 2016

Lisa Delfino


Pro-Fitness Studios
Aberdeenshire, -, United Kingdom


I am a Personal Trainer and am dedicated to helping my clients fulfil their potential and become the best that they can be.

I have benefited immensely on a personal level with both my health and fitness since living primally and feel privileged to now be able to pass this knowledge on to my clients with the full support of The Primal Blueprint.

Matthew Derkrikorian, RN, CEN


Nashua, NH, USA

I'm a Certified Emergency Nurse by training, but working in healthcare has shown me just how preventable many problems are and I wholeheartedly agree that an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure. Naturally, I decided to use my nursing background to assist those who want to improve their health and become more active and engaged in life! I have a strong interest in functional training and primal/ancestral/paleo health. Email me if you're interested in working with me as a health coach!

Dario Di Meo


Vancouver, -, Canada

I'm a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Certified Laser Therapist. I've been involved in health for over 25 years. I thought I knew how and what it took to be healthy but it wasn't until I discovered Gary Taubes and Mark Sisson that I've discovered what true health is all about. I've never been healthier in my life and I want to share with you how you can take control of your health easily and effortlessly. Lets Grok!

Larry Diamond


Round Rock/Austin, TX, USA

My family and I are a Mark's Daily Apple success story. I have lost over 120 lbs, my wife has lost over 55 lbs, and we have both gone from a life of surviving and declining, to one of thriving. We have more energy, more happiness, and a vitality that was all but missing our entire adult lives. We have both solved multiple health problems. We now want to help as many people as possible thrive with the Primal Blueprint. I'm available for consultations in person or via the Internet.

Michael DiLandro


Mountainside, NJ, USA

Michael DiLandro, 49, is a living, breathing Primal success story from Mountainside, NJ. He transformed his physique and enjoyed amazing fitness breakthroughs after embracing Primal Blueprint diet and exercise principles in early 2012. Interestingly, Mike was working out harder and longer, in the familiar chronic cardio pattern, before his Primal journey than he is today.

Mike is an outgoing personality who is deeply passionatecompelled reallyto introduce Primal living with virtually anyone who will listen! As he enjoyed immediate success (not only weight loss but ceasing statin meds with MD permission), he got his family members on board. To date, his mother, brother, father and he have combined to lose over 110 pounds. Next, he took his game corporate! Mike works for one of the worlds leading satellite communications operators, and he has taken his company Primal! He arranged for a private presentation of the Primal Transformation Seminar and catered an all-Primal lunch buffet at the companys Princeton, NJ headquarters in 2012. He writes a frequent newsletter with diet, exercise and recipe suggestions for employees; and generally has spearheaded a renewed appreciation for health and fitness at his forward-thinking company. Literally dozens of his colleagues have gone Primal and enjoyed great results.

Mike is a guy who walks his talk and knows his stuff. If you are looking for guidance and inspiration for Primal living, whether a newcomer or devoted following, Mikes seminar will rock your world. His hobbies are golf, cycling and fitness activities. He has recently become certified to teach group fitness classes.

Shelly Dimitrijevic


Miami, FL, USA

After a long and frustrating journey, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010 and that began my extensive journey into the Primal way of life. I am an RN, CNC, and a Primal Blueprint Expert who is passionate about supporting healthy lifestyle choices in nutrition, movement, and skin care.
I am the founder of the primally aligned cosmetic company, PrimElegance, which will launch early 2016.

Steve DiOrio


Billerica, MA, USA


I've been a student of the Martial Arts for 40 years, a professional Karate instructor for the past 23 years.
I began my Primal journey in 2010. At the time I was suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and seriously thinking about giving up Martial Arts teaching. The Paleo/Primal lifestyle gave me back my Martial Arts career.
I'm very excited to help others to reach their health and performance goals.

Macy Diulus


Seabrook, TX, USA

I am a 17 year old Paleo blogger - find me at

Romy Dollé


Chreienweg 4
Zumikon, -, Switzerland


Author of Paleo/Primal books
Fitness Studio Owner
Health and Nutrition Advice
Business Developer

Inez Domaracki


Bathurst, -, Australia

I have studied Life Coaching, Non-Violent Communication and now the Primal Blueprint. I now consider myself a Primal Blueprint Life coach.
I am a retired Regostered Nurse and I have an associate degree in Applied Psychology (Coaching) who has a passion for aging well and helping others to do the same.

Laurie Donaldson


Stewartstown, PA, USA

I am a Biology/Anatomy/Physiology teacher by trade and an ardent researcher of anything science by nature. The Primal Blueprint was my first foray into ancestral health after going gluten-free ten years ago and I knew it was the right path from day one. Since then I have explored many aspects of primal living and ancestral health. It just makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Getting my Primal Blueprint Expert Certification has been a capstone project of sorts for me in this journey.

Jon Donovan


Ottawa, -, Canada


Canadian Wildman and Paratrooper. I'm a semi-nomadic, minimalist, primal and mindful person that loves being active and outdoors getting lots of natural movement.

Join my local Ottawa meetup, Ottawa Primal, for primal living community building events.

Twitter: @ottawa_primal
Instagram: @ottawaprimal

Anouk Dorrance


Vallejo, CA, United States


My name is Anouk Dorrance and I am an enthusiastic primal blueprint fan. Originally from the Netherlands it took time to adjust to my American life. I became a Massage Therapist in 2007 and now I want to grow more, develop myself and truly find the proper way to provide my friends, family, clients and patients with the right tools for some "healthy weight loss". Being from the Netherlands I've had some real issues with weight gain and weight so believe me I can relate. I can't wait to assist you

Stuart Doyle


197Mercer Mill Rd
Landenberg, PA, USA


51 yr old Veteran of USMC, former NYC chef (10 yrs), Primal Certified Expert. Personal transformation from 357 lbs to 183 lb Primal Healthy. Lost 15 Rx, Type 2;(current A1C; 4.1) and 174 lbs. Availible to help Transform YOU into Lean, Healthy Primal Human. Full range: dietary guidelines, Cooking lessons, reasonable and sane excercise coaching, to Lifestyle Adaptation and Catering. (PHL/BALT NE Corridor and suburbs) Eat and Be Well, Live Long, Love Strong and Drop Dead Playing Happily, Grok On !

M. ReBeca Drury


11331 Coker Loop East
San Antonio, TX, USA


The human body, and all its wonders, has been my life's passion.I am a former track & field athlete and coach, with a BS in Kinesiology/Physical Education, a MA in Education, and a Doctorate in Naturopathy.
I am a certified Bikram Yoga instructor, and am the founder of Hot Mix Yoga, which I teach and also have a Hot Mix Yoga Teacher Training Program. I am also an INSANITY Pro Team Instructor. I bring all these skills and knowledge together to help people be the best they can be. Join me!

Charl duToit


Calgary, Alberta, -, Canada

Hi, there. I did this for myself and don't intend taking on any clients right now.

Grok On!

Rick Eberts


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Coach and Director of Programming at CrossFit High Five in West LA. I love coaching everything from physical skills to nutrition and mental toughness! I weave together CrossFit methodologies, the Primal Approach, and use Mark Divine's SEALFIT system. In addition to being a Primal Blueprint Expert, I have the CrossFit Mobility and Endurance Certs plus the Basic Training Course from SEALFIT,

Håkan Eriksson


Ludvika, -, Sweden

I have always been interested in health and done everything "right", but still was not healthy. In my desire to feel good, I have tried several different methods and concluded that the evolutionary perspective and the primal lifestyle is the way to go. Today I run along with my colleague and friend Andreas Backlund and we help other Swedes to switch to the Primal lifestyle.

Sterling Eriksson


PO Box 58133
Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Primal Enthusiast and advocate.

Sara Evans


Christchurch, -, New Zealand


Behavioural Nutrionist based in New Zealand. My goal is to make eating healthy tasty and simple for everyone! I work one on one with individuals and run an online nutrition lifestyle program the

Jamie Farrington


Roland, IA, United States of America

Current student in the Iowa Culinary Institute Program. Lost 25 pounds of fat and gained back 15 in muscle mass since I went Primal three years ago. I intend to run the first true Primal food truck in the Des Moines area once I've graduated from my schooling. I am a husband and father who wants a better world for my posterity.

Kenneth Ferry


inman, SC, USA

I have been self studying nutrition and physical fitness during my free time the past 8 years. I was first introduced to Mr. Sisson when I started P90X 8 years ago. My studies progressed and after a time a began to notice my personal conclusions were very similar to Mr. Sisson's. I am pretty much into travel and doing anything outdoors. Wanting to experience more and at the same time having the quality of life to enjoy it to the fullest.

Mark Flagg


Pensacola, FL, USA

Mark is a working professional in the Beverage, Dairy, and Food processing industries. He is a Food Scientist, Manufacturing Consultant, Triathlete, and proud Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

As Principal of the consulting firm Avalon TSS, Mark assists clients with:
+ Education in the Primal/Ancestral lifestyle.
+ Product formulation and processing methods aligned with the PBP.
+ Marketing and strategy development in support of Primal/Ancestral lifestyle participants.
+ Special Projects.

Veronica Fortune


Belconnen, -, Australia


I'm an American ex-pat living in Australia. I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, a bit of trail running, mountain biking, and reading. I am the owner and massage therapist at Dynamique Health in Belconnen. I plan to study nutrition next year with hope of expanding my business.

I live in a beautiful, tree-filled suburb of Canberra with my wonderful boyfriend, Dane, and our very energetic kelpie/border collie, Maddie. I love my life :).

Roy Fraticelli


Belle Mead, NJ, USA


Thomas Gamstaetter


Mainz, -, Germany


I am an MD in gastroenterology. I believe in the power of preventive medicine. It's about empowering patients to take health matters into their own hands. Connect with me for a wholistic primal approach to your health.

Javier Garcia


Mexico City, -, Mexico


I am a retired Industrial Engineer that has been coaching martial arts and fitness for over 12 years. I dedicate my hole time to evolutionary health now and have a coaching center in Mexico City named Tribe, come by anytime!!

Johnny Gomes, D.O.


113 Davis Street
Glen Alpine, NC, United States


I am a board certified Emergency Medicine specialist and also have a Functional Medicine practice where I encourage healthy eating & lifestyle modifications through a Paleo/Primal approach. I have personally been Primal for over 2 years and have experienced many benefits myself. Having been trained in a conventional approach, I have come to witness the massive pitfalls within our approach to medicine and the impacts that our lifestyle choices have on every aspect of our lives.

Tammi Gordon


Southlake, TX, USA

I have been following a Primal lifestyle for 10 months, and it has really helped me take back my health. Although I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist, I am very knowledgeable in fitness (primal and non-primal) and nutrition (I am a biochemist by training).

I enjoy working with women and men over 50 who can't always identify with trainers and consultants who are 35 and under.
Finally, I am willing to provide seminars and small discussions to groups to help them understand nutrition.

Ryan Grant


Ottawa, -, Canada

As a certified pedorthist, I deal primarily with lower extremity injuries/issues and biomechanics but have always felt that Western Medicine often has much too narrow a focus when dealing with these issues. As a former elite runner (sub 30min 10km), adventure racer, professional triathlete, and extreme runner I've seen first hand the effects of over training and strive to find that balance of achieving athletic goals with optimizing health!

Carolyn Gray


Melbourne, -, Australia


Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach,Blog Writer,Podcaster,Registered Teacher and Psychology student.
Facebook:Holistic Wellness For Life
Facebook: Primal Living Melbourne
I overcame chronic illness caused by a Medical Condition called Pyroluria. Loving life! Embrace wellness.

Andrew Greenland


98 Sheen Court
RICHMOND, -, United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 8787 5750

As a fully qualified medical doctor, Osteopath, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, and Medical Acupuncturist, I believe that my range of expertise is unique, and enables me to offer truly holistic, integrated treatment for a wide variety of medical problems. I have been a strong advocate of the primal way of life for some years, and often recommend the philosophy to my patients

David Gregory


3rd Floor | 207 Regent St
LONDON, -, United Kingdom


Passionate about helping others who are literally sick and tired of a life of miserable mediocrity, and instead, want to make permanent positive change to their mind and body through primal nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Clients are guided step-by-step through a structured educational and empowering primal blueprint-based framework in person or through online consultation.

Tim Greig


21/354 Reserve Rd.,
Cheltenham, -, Australia

Engaged in all sorts of activity as a (past) personal trainer, sailor, runner, gym nut and generally love being fit, lean and strong. I also love deepening my knowledge of nutrition and movement to live a full life. Movnat Certified Trainer

Dr. Matthew Griffin M.D.


11250 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL, USA


I am a board certified internal medicine (M.D.) physician working in Chicago, IL.

I'm interested in the pre-diabetic/diabetic population and the high risk incurred by this population for further chronic diseases like heart attacks or strokes. Ideally, we can make appropriate dietary changes to prevent these outcomes in you and your loved ones.

I give a talk on this important issue (which anyone may attend) the first Saturday of every month from 12-1pm at my practice address above.

Alexander Griot


Auckland, -, New Zealand

I am a life coach who has been living the primal life for the last four years. I have a background in biochemistry so when I was exposed to the Primal Blueprint teachings I could verify all of the science as opposed to other popular diets.

Through my scientific background and passion for primal living I hope to guide clients to a better life.

Brian Tanner Hadden


Richmond, VA, United States

The Princeton Review's Director of Outreach for Southern Virginia. LSAT/GMAT/SAT/ACT Instructor and Tutor.

Tyler Hanna


Hanover, NH, USA

The way I explain my philosophy: "The health repercussions of poor activity levels, low quality sleep, excess stress, and poor nutrition are well documented. A small slip in any combination of the above categories can affect even the most healthy person."

My goal is to help people improve on these areas of wellness before they trigger bigger issues. It is also my goal to help clients who are already experiencing profound health challenges and improve on what may have caused them.

Jenifer Harbour


8940 Davis Circle
Hayden, ID, United States


Anusara Inspired and Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher (E-RYT-500). Jenifer is a whole hearted devoted student to the mind body connection with the belief that Primal Living along with full body movement can not only invite healthy daily life but also clear Aim of Right Livelihood. Jenifer is the creator of Tri-Yoga, an intense alignment based practice for the endurance athlete. Jenifer is a Restorative Foot Practitioner through Nutritious Movement founded by Katy Bowman.

Nicola Harkins


Aberdeen, -, Scotland


As a Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist and KCR practitioner an all over attitude to health and living is important to me.
I have already used Primal eating to aid several family members regain health from autoimmune conditions.
My aim is to get people out of the doctors waiting rooms and back to leading healthy happy lives. Taking accountability and enjoying been in control!

Grant Harris


Dunedin, -, New Zealand


I have worked in the fitness industry for three years and currently am starting up an on line source for holistic approaches to health and fitness. I am also embarking on a journey to the Amazon rain forest where I will live with a hunter gather tribe and learn first hand what Grok's life was really like.

Deborah Hart-Serafini


451 Village Way
Sapphire, NC, USA


I am a blogger and permaculture designer who loves helping non-profits do better social media. I am dedicated to finding lifestyles more resonant with our bodies' design.

Korry Haubroe


5338 Lake Drive
East Petersburg, PA, United States


Forever Improving, Consistently Striving, in the midst of what it feels like to be Thriving :)

Lyle Haylett


Mount Juliet, TN, USA

I discovered low carbohydrate eating and Primal living about 2 years ago and it completely changed my life. I have absorbed every bit of material I can on nutrition and health since then and love to share what I've learned with others. (Almost to a fault, but I've learned to control that!) With this certification I hope to continue to further my knowledge, and find more ways to help others find what works the best for them.

Teresa Heitman


1749 Parkway Dr
Coralville, IA, United States


I'm a certified personal trainer and an agent of change, providing programs and coaching for those who desire better fitness. This includes those new to exercise, older adults, busy moms, and those with arthritis, osteoporosis, shoulder or knee issues, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and hypertension.

Tim Henry


Chipping Norton, -, United Kingdom

07721 556 209

Since adopting the Primal lifestyle at the start of 2014, I lost over 4 stone and gained so much energy and enthusiasm that I starting thinking I would love to teach other people how easy it is to lose weight with the Primal Blueprint. Thanks to the knowledge I gained from the PBE certification course I have now set up my own business, Primal T offering courses, retreats and personal training to help spread the word about the Primal lifestyle in the UK. Visit for more info.

Marion Hermannsen


Königsteiner Str.
Steinbach, -, Germany


My aim is to help women over 40 achieve fitness and health through a low-carb Ancestral eating approach. I'm in the same age bracket and proof that fitness through HIIT training, in my case Crossfit, and Primal Eating can help with most chronic conditions such as Diabetes, CVD and autoimmune illnesses. I hope to advice my audience through e-books, slide shows and podcasts available on my blog and commercial outlets. I will also take on clients in Germany soon as I qualify as Ernaehrungsberater.

Tamas Hevizi


Philadelphia, PA, USA

Software executive, 4+ years Masters CrossFit Athlete, 5+ years grain free primal - using primal for maximum athletic and business performance. Not open for coaching.

Charlie Hibben


1021 Post Road
Darien, CT, United States


After following a Paleo/Primal lifestyle for over 6 years, Charlie became a part-time counselor with our local independent pharmacy in Darien, CT. There is a tremendous amount of Primal enthusiasm growing in this community and we we're looking for a qualified candidate to lead this initiative. Charlie is a volunteer fireman in town and a chemical engineer by trade. He has several patents around edible food coatings. Please go to our website, or call 203-655-1000 to schedule an appointment!

Nakoa Hoe


Kailua , HI, United States

I'm a Crossfit Level 1 personal trainer and an infantryman in the Army Reserve. I strive to not only help my clients meet their fitness and wellness goals but to exceed them through living a primal lifestyle. I also believe in and utilize the strength and conditioning protocols of Crossfit Football and the Power Athlete FieldStrong program for my clients. I'm located in Kailua on the windward side of the island of Oahu.

Josh Holland


New York, NY, USA

Josh Holland is a nationally certified, accomplished celebrity trainer, health coach & fitness expert who utilizes his strong knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, & sports to develop proven techniques for his world renowned clients.
Josh is a third degree black belt, a former collegiate/professional basketball player and is versed in all forms of movement.
As a co-founder of Zoomtion Fitness and a Technogym Ambassador, Josh leads an elite team of trainers at The CORE: Club in Midtown NYC.

Glen Holley


500 Union Boulevard
Totowa, NJ, United States


Glen is a Physician Assistant working in Family Practice in NJ.

He started his career in Emergency Medicine and saw firsthand the results of poor lifestyle choices as well as the limitations of a healthcare system focused on acute care.

He is trained in conventional medicine but for the last three years has applied principles of Primal/Paleo Health to his practice.

He emphasizes lifestyle modification so that patients can gradually lose weight and then safely reduce medications.

Ron Hudson


Langley, WA, Canada

I am a Paleo/Primal enthusiast. I personally used this approach to health, and took myself from a state of sickness,to one of health and happiness. I am a trainer, martial arts instructor, and nutritional consultant planning on changing lives using methods I learned through primal blue print.

James Hunter


Carrboro, NC, USA


At an early age, I suffered from severe allergies (among other symptoms). Those symptoms reached an apex in 2010, and I had nearly given up hope of resolving these issues. That was when I stumbled upon The Primal Blueprint at a local bookstore. Needless to say, my life has forever changed for the better. My goal is to share my experiences with those that are searching for answers to solving their lifelong health issues.

By trade, I design and develop enterprise software solutions.

Sarah Ikegami


Los Angeles, CA, USA

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and little dog. I love hiking, reading, writing, cooking and laughing. Primal eating and living has helped me enjoy life more fully. I'm passionate about replacing destructive thoughts with rational thinking and habits that harm with positivity and have experienced how nutrition and lifestyle allows us to do this on a greater level.

Irma Jager


1212 Motueka River West Bank Road
Motueka, -, New Zealand

03 526 8080

I'm passionate about food... growing veggies in our own garden, raising our own meat (beef, chicken, pig, sheep), milking our housecow and making all dairy products (hard cheese, yoghurt, cultured butter, kefir, ice cream!), picking fruit and collecting nuts in season and then preparing this for our family of five. Our children are home-educated and we live in a community with 5 households on the South Island, New Zealand. Have followed a primal lifestyle for about 3.5 years and loving it!!

Cindy Jicinsky


2051 Glacier St
Anchorage, AK, USA


I'm proud to live in beautiful Alaska. The great outdoors is my "gym".
I enjoy mountain and fat tire biking, hiking, fishing and any other adventures that might come my way. I am excited to share my knowledge of the Primal Blueprint with family and friends, as well as the many families I encounter as a manager for a Pediatric Dental office. Especially while serving the native villages in remote Alaska.

Michael Joe Oleary


1015 1/2 Steele St
Laramie, WY, USA


Call me Joe. I have been a primal and ancestral health enthusiast for almost 4 years now. I am currently wrapping up an AS in exercise science via ISSA, and I'm eyeballing various institutions and outrageous college costs to pursue an undergrad in pre-med bio-chem and microbiology. My final goal is to create a system of farm based transitionary clinics that utilize the ancestral/functional health template and much of what I've learned via the essential primal laws to treat veterans with PTSD.

Dan Joebstl


Santa Monica , CA, USA


Primal Enthusiast
Crossfit L1 Trainer
Crossfit Mobility Trainer

Brad Johnson


Palatine, IL, United States

Brad Johnson is a vegan health proponent and author of multiple books who focuses on helping writers build a legacy through their message and helping artistically-bent entrepreneurs win. His books include Ignite Your Beacon, Writing Clout and Tomes Of A Healing Heart. You can find Brad listening to metal music, writing a book, making the latest mouthwatering vegan recipe or petting a cat.


Jay Jorgenson


406 Pleasant Avenue
Park Rapids, MN, USA


I was your typical chronic cardio athlete who thought he was healthy and doing everything right. Joint pain, inflammation, and injuries were mounting as I was forever chasing the endorphin high. Fortunately, I was introduced to MDA by a friend/trainer. I have embraced the Primal concepts wholeheartedly in my personnel and professional life. I enjoy sharing what I have learned to the benefit of my dental staff (more productive now) and my patients (improved dental and overall health)!

Stephane Junod


Alpenblickstrasse 35
Uster, -, Switzerland


Swiss citizen, primal for the last 5 years, lifting heavy, relaxing and living strong

Ondřej Kadlec


Antonínská 566/22
Brno, -, Czech republic


Steve Kell


Canton, OH, United States

Steve was first inspired by Joel Salatin in Food Inc. to consider the food we nourish ourselves with. Since 2011 He and his wife raise pasture based chickens, and grass-fed sheep. For five years Steve worked for Chipotle, and was the GM of his hometown restaurant. Now, with the good guidance of Primal Blueprint Certification, Steve strives to make an impact in the lives and health of clients, family, and friends. Food, Energy, and Life to the full are important to him. Call 330-826-1818

Angela Keller


Riverside, CA, USA


I am a certified Primal Blueprint Expert, Massage Therapist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach.

Tremaine Kent



+44 7795 483881

I started my career in the military in 1989 at the Army School of Physical Training. From there, I took a more active role within the UK Armed Forces until I left in 1997 to become a personal trainer after completing a course with Greenwich University.

After losing my partner to lung cancer, and as an endurance athlete and published author, I decided to raise money for charity and entered the 4 Deserts Ultra-Endurance race to become the first UK Man to run all 4 deserts in one year (2010).

Kia Kindell


525 glen iris drive
Atlanta, GA, USA


My name is Kia, and I am a huge advocate in eating for energy! I believe that most people do not know how truly great their bodies are meant to feel and I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve this. I have been helping others transition to a gluten free lifestyle for five years, and love being apart of the huge transitions that we accomplish for their new lives. It would be my pleasure to help walk you through these simple changes that make you look and feel great!

Neal Klachky


Tel Aviv, CA, Israel

22 year old, fitness, health and life enthusiast looking to further my knowledge and live a healthy and happy lifestyle

Leslie Klenke


Los Angeles, CA, USA

I'm the author of Paleo Girl, work in Marketing at Primal Nutrition Inc., and am Primal Blueprint Expert #6! I've been Primal since 2011 and have helped my friends and family lose hundreds of pounds out of love and passion for the lifestyle. Now that I'm officially certified, I'm looking to share the gift of health and wellness with others, with a focus on life coaching. Let's live awesome!

Louise Knoop-O\'neill


Cape Town, -, South Africa

(082) 7890272

Lifestyle Coach & Movement Educator advocating active healthy, primal & wholesome living.

Donovan Kokot


Toronto, -, Canada

I am a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). My greatest passion is to make people healthy. I specialize in Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Behavior Change and hold CrossFit certifications in Weightlifting and Gymnastics. I believe that a good coach lives by example. As a Certified Primal Blueprint Expert, I only eat wholesome paleo foods and spend most of my time in the gym or outdoors.

Jeff Konrad


Sheboygan, WI, USA

I'm a physical therapist and a primal/paleo enthusiast. I enjoy using ancestral health principles as the guiding principles in my life. I also use ancestral health principles to inform and enrich my physical therapy practice. I am a Movnat certified trainer and a certified running specialist.

When I'm not at work or improving my ancestral health knowledge, you can find me hiking, snowshoeing, tree climbing or cooking.

Risa Kuhlman


Wales, WI, USA


I am celebrating my 1-year anniversary of discovering and living a healthy primal life style. Six dress sizes later, I am enthusiastically living a life I never dreamed possible.

I would be honored to help others start their journey to health.

Lynne Kypuros


231 Hunters Glen Dr
San Marcos, TX, USA


I sustained a traumatic brain injury 22 years ago after being rear-ended by a drunk driver in a tractor/trailer. I had a miraculous medical recovery, but something was never the same. 9 years ago I discovered solace and strength in meditation and,I also, discovered the PB! Eating primally, and meditation has made my healing come full circle. Today I feel just as capable as I was before my accident. I would like to help others connect w/their higher power and heal their lives w/ The Primal BP!

Brian Lamoureux


Providence, RI, USA

Being a lawyer/litigator is often not conducive to health (physical or mental). But, embracing and following Primal Blueprint principles has allowed me to look at "wellness" in a whole new way. Becoming certified as a Primal Blueprint expert was challenging, but gives me the confidence of understanding so that, if asked, I can help others make similar changes. I am grateful for Mark's (and his team's) passion for these principles and for making them intuitively easy to follow.

Dianne Lapum


Saint Michael, MN, USA

I am a horse trainer who has recently gone to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle.
Looking forward to helping others lead a healthy lifestyle while enjoying every day.

Heather Larsen


West Liberty , IA, USA


I am a women on a mission to help people become healthy and fit. My goal is to teach individuals and families how to take their health into their own hands. It is possible to feel better and look better then you ever have by healing your body. Be Beautiful on the inside so you can be Beautiful on the outside.

Ben Law


Hitchin, -, United Kingdom

I went primal in 2013 and have never looked back. I dropped from 12-13% body fat to 5.5%, had abundant energy and never got hungry! I knew right then primal was for me :).

Since then I have started a blog and added a primal range to my supplement company, Love Life Supplements (, which currently includes a protein powder, beef jerky and MCT oil.

I'm excited about the future and sharing my knowledge as I continue my primal journey as a certified expert!

Aidan Lazzarotto


Toronto, -, Canada

Currently studying nutrition, movement, and self-development.

Competitive powerlifter, casual cook, and aspiring author of fantasy and fiction.

Tina Leaman


Mesa, AZ, USA


Over the course of her 17-year Massage Therapy career, Tina worked extensively with professional and Olympic athletes in a variety of environments. Certifications in bodywork include Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, and Structural Integration training. Studying and working with the body from a movement perspective has taken similar focus in her work, with a collection of titles ranging from CrossFit Level 1 Coach (obtaining numerous modality certifications within the organization) to dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor, with Pilates and Hardstyle Kettlebell (HKC) certs. in between. Shes incredibly passionate about learning, appreciates that its never complete as research continues to break old boundaries and yield new discoveries, and is always looking to add additional pieces to the puzzle that is a well-balanced, healthy body.

Jennifer Lehman


West Haven, UT, United States

801 389 2203

I own my own business as a personal trainer and health coach, Thrive on the Basics, in the beautiful state of Ut. Health, fitness and nutrition have always played a major role in my life, growing up as a competitive gymnast. When I found the Primal Lifestyle about 7 years, I began slowly implementing the principals into my own life and now my family, friends and clients. It has been a game changer, regaining my health and effortlessly maintaining my weight. With my Hubby's support and 2 dogs.

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons


210 Peterson St
Fort Collins, CO, USA

(970) 631-5804

I help people who experience food & eating as a place of struggle...and who want a holistic, mindful approach to looking and feeling better.

Alchemist Eating combines holistic medicine, primal principles and healing partnership to help patients get where they want to be with eating and health. We offer services in person and by long-distance consult.

Find a Mark's Daily Apple interview with me here:

Find a Primal Blueprint Podcast with me here:

Andrew LeMoine


Edmonton, -, Canada


I am an Entrepreneur, Coach, and Consultant working with other high achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and athletes.

I apply a multi-modal approach drawing from experience and training in: Integral and Somatic Coaching, Expressive Arts Therapy, Mediation, Evolutionary Health & Wellness, and Martial Arts, as well as over 15 years of entrepreneurial and business experience.

I'm looking forward to integrating Primal Blueprint Coaching into my work with clients!

Michael Lenz


472 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY, USA


I'm a Functional Medicine pharmacist and partner at Fallon Wellness Pharmacy of Saratoga, located in Saratoga Springs, NY. We specialize in providing Wellness Consultations with a functional medicine approach, examining all of the body systems to determine the underlying causes of chronic disease. I'm excited to be able to incorporate the Primal Blueprint philosophy into our patient consultations. Visit us at

Eloise LeSanto


London, -, united kingdom

I'm a personal trainer, yoga teacher and health coach offering online training and 1-2-1 sessions. I advocate primal living and a holistic approach to health & wellness.
As well as working with my clients to help them achieve their exercise & nutrition goals, I provide a bespoke coaching service to address broader lifestyle factors such as stress management & sleep habits. I specialise in helping young professionals adopt a balanced approach to health & fitness that fits into their busy lives.

Scott Leslie


London, ON, -, Canada

I started my primal journey two years ago when I discovered Marks Daily Apple. Since then I have slowly incorporated the laws of primal living into my own life. Completing the primal cert program has armed me with the knowledge and confidence to fully immerse myself in the primal way of living!

I'm not currently looking to work with clients as this was more of a personal endeavor. I hope to inspire those close to me with what I have learned and eventually others who are willing to listen!

Jukka Lindroos


Lohja, -, Finland

I'm a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Kettlebell Trainer living in Lohja, Finland.

With my education as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert I hope to bring my clients more information on holistic and primal wellbeing since it has also helped myself to turn my life around and to drop almost 70 lbs since the introduction of primal lifestyle in my own life in 2011.

Ken Liu


Hollywood, CA, USA


Paleo health coach and documentary filmmaker based in Hollywood, CA

Annette Lopez


Austin, TX, United States

I transitioned from the mental health field as a psychotherapist to a nutritional health coach.There is a definite link between food and mood. My goal is to help you feel empowered and live a happy and vibrant life.

I myself have lost over 60 lbs and have adopted a paleo diet for over 6 yrs.

Credentials include:

Dual Masters degree in counseling from St. Edwards University

Certification as a Nutritional Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Stephanie Lopez


1719 3rd Ave
Kearney, NE, USA


I am a recent college graduate in the field of Spanish Interpretation and Translation. I developed a passion for ancestral health while finishing this degree, and have decided to pursue my interest in it at a more professional level despite what I devoted my collegiate career to studying. I am extremely dedicated to this movement, and am hoping to add my talent to it in whatever way I can!

Paul Mack


Carrum Downs, -, Australia

I have been in the health/fitness/nutrition industry for most of my adult life. Spent time in the army as a paratrooper, I have been living a primal lifestyle since late 2014, and have reaped the benefits. I hope to teach what I have learned to those that wish to live a healthier life.

Brendan Malloy, D.C.


2697 Sandy Plains Rd
Marietta, GA, USA


As a doctor of Chiropractic, I look to the body, its expression of health and its ability to heal and regulate itself, first and foremost. My commitment to becoming a health and thought leader is what has driven me Primal. The principles of the Primal Blueprint align near seamlessly with my own and integrate easily into working with my patients and practice members. Thank you.

Tapan Maniar


Venice, CA, USA

973 769-4387

I'm a leukemia doctor currently conducting clinical trials on a new leukemia therapy. In early 2014 I started a paleo style diet and it became immediately clear how aligned it was with my basic biologynow I knew why I craved cheese-burgers though I was raised vegetarian! This experience opened a window of curiosity into all holistic health, which I've been exploring for the past year. One of my goals is to push doctors to stop reaching for their prescription pads and focus on natural health.

Ron Martoia


302 cahaba valley circle
Pelham, AL, United States


I am a consultant and executive coach with nearly half of my private clients going primal and with crazy cool results. My primary passion is helping people and organizations become wildly better. Over the last decade I have spoken in a dozen countries, to over 30,000 leaders in conference settings from stadiums to mountain retreats in South Africa. My area of expertise is personal development and midnfulness/awareness For more information...

Michelle Matzen


Lake Worth, FL, United States


I'm a registered nurse with my Masters in Nursing Education and a Bachelors in Psychology. After having 2 babies, I began to research the healthiest way to live and came across the Primal Blueprint. Since beginning my primal journey, I feel amazing, healthy, and even have my family on the same path. I started my company, Wellness Rediscovery, to mentor people in their transition to living a natural, primal lifestyle possibly with a side effect of weight loss. Call me today for a consultation!

Tomika Matzner


Culver City, CA, USA

Tomika is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She works for BodySpec as the Senior Wellness Consultant and on staff Nutrition Consultant.

Brian McAndrew


709 SW 16th Ave. Unit 402
Portland, OR, USA


I'm a filmmaker, musician, and primal enthusiast. I'm also a YouTube celebrity within the Oregon Duck fan community, a member of a gang in Sierra Leone, and a graduate of Boulder Outdoor Survival School's 21 day field course. I've recently started a primal blog and YouTube channel called Whole Doods that seeks to engage young males who still slog it out at the gym and scarf down CAFO chicken breasts.

Bret McClellan


4455 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA, United States

(770) 865-7232

I've been obsessed with ancestral health for many years now, studying and listening to the many gurus, including Mark Sisson. Thank you, Mark, for giving me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and official credibility to pursue my passion to help others! Without this certification program, I would never have fully realized this passion, and likely would not have started a new company with my wife (a naturopath with an MD) to help people heal themselves and enjoy life, naturally!

Justin McGinn


1601 State Suite 800
Edmond, OK, United States


I'm a primal doctor from Edmond, OK and I am driven to help take YOUR LIFE, and the lives of the people you care about most, to the next level.

You don't have to be sick to get WELL!!!

Whether you visit our office and you are completely out of shape or you have just completed an Iron Man Triathlon, my motivation is to help you express more LIFE and potential.

"You can't fight darkness, you must turn on light, You can't fight disease, you must turn on LIFE."

Graham McNeill


Glasgow, SC, Scotland

Helping Scotland go Primal! Please contact me if interested in LOCAL training or advice. You don't have to wait to start losing the weight. . .!



Glen Allen, VA, USA

I started Primal in 2012 and it has been a great experience. If you want to feel well, have boundless energy, and improve body composition it's the way to go. The concepts are intuitive and make logical sense.

Steve Medd


45 Southwold Close
Swindon, -, United Kingdom


I am interested in fitness and nutrition from my own personal health perspective and plan to turn this interest into an online business in the future.

I'm happy to hear from any other Primal Blueprint enthusiasts who have similar ambitions and would like to form a mastermind group to support each other.

Nathalie Meier-Hottua


Luxemburg, -, Luxemburg


I've been living a Paleo Lifestyle for 3 years when I discovered Mark's Books. Fascinated by the subject, I wanted to learn everything about this lifestyle, not only on a practical but also on a theorectical basis. I wanted to understand the exact biochemical processes in our bodies. Now, as an official Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, I know what to say and do when people ask me: "Hey Nathalie, how are you doing this???" Feel free to visit my blog or contact me right away.

Ray Messina


Albertson, NY, USA

I am passionate about the Primal way of living. I work as a martial arts instructor and started a health coaching practice. Earning my "Cert" has allowed me to help many people and I look forward to the future.

Leonard Meyer


Richmond Hill, NY, USA


Paleo and primal enthusiast. I would like to make primal coaching a career and help anyone in need.
Reach me:
Twitter @lennym718
Instagram @lennym718

Candice Mitchell


Orlando, FL, USA

I have almost a decade of experience in the fitness field as a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher and, most recently, a NASM-certified personal trainer. What I had been missing was the nutrition component. Then I found Mark's Daily Apple. Love it! I went from being vegetarian (read: fake-meat eating carbivore) to consuming REAL food--and I love every minute of it. Becoming a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert takes me, and my clients, to the next level! I'm very excited to have found my tribe!

Eric Monesmith


Indianapolis, IN, USA

I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon, father of 4, active hunter, wake-surfer and have been primal since late 2010. I have been a believer in low carb nutrition, but the primal blueprint opened my eyes to the issues surrounding our grain based diet in America. As an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specializes in joint replacement, I have a front row seat at our obesity epidemic here in the USA. I encourage my patients every day to embark upon the self learning process to become Primal!

Camille Moran


Bakersfield, CA, United States


Certified Conditioning Coach and National Figure Competitor, I specialize in nutrition, family wellness coaching and fitness longevity education.

Whitney Morgan


4145 N Stone Ave Unit 100
Tucson, AZ, USA


In addition to being Primal Blueprint certified, I am a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. I am passionate about integrating all of my knowledge to help people get to the bottom of their health complaints and reclaim their vitality.

Ollie MOSS


LONDON, -, United Kingdom


I've been a health and fitness professional for 25 years, based in London. My number one focus is to be a highly motivated trainer assisting and leading clients to the best ways of achieving optimal health! There are so many people that need help in understanding and putting healthy lifestyle objectives into action. Mark Sisson's material provides the knowledge and structure that we all need. Thanks, Mark. I'm so pleased and proud to be a member of the team out there spreading the word.

Tammy Mulford


Ijamsville, MD, USA

I've been studying nutrition part time since 2002 and have found a good match with the Primal Blueprint philosophy. I'm pursuing the certification for my own personal knowledge and to explore future opportunities.

Anthony Munkholm


1494 Laurel Ave
Saint Paul, MN, USA


Anthony is a Certified Primal Blueprint Expert, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and holds a Masters in Public Health. He is currently the Fitness Director for the Sweatshop, a locally owned fitness center in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Being a primal success story himself, Anthony discovered how to workout more efficiently, reduce his body fat from 12% to 8.5% by eating more fat, and reduced his migraine headaches to almost 0. Anthony thrives sharing this knowledge.

Adrienne Navarro


Martinez, CA, USA

(925) 813-9293

As a full time nurse, my mission is to educate others about an ancestral health lifestyle approach while balancing the benefits and advancements of modern medicine. By living an ancestral health based lifestyle we can lower the frequency in which modern medicine is needed. We can then turn to them for what they do best: treating massive infections, curing cancers, organ transplants and eradicating diseases such as polio.

Lance Newland


Ottumwa, IA, United States

I work to lead and instruct people that health and wellness is different from diet and exercise. I assist people in their weight loss goals and am there to coach them to reduce stress and take back control of their life.

Lindsey Newland


Ottumwa, IA, US

Midwest Primal enthusiast dedicated to the health and wellness of everyone around me. Being certified helps me not only personally but professionally as well. I hope to use the knowledge to uplift and encourage others to adopt the Primal lifestyle and take back their health.

Erin Nielsen


Fairport, NY, USA


I have been a practicing Physical Therapist for the last 17 years and began the Primal Lifestyle in September 2013. I've experienced more energy, improved mood and sleep, clearer skin, and leaner body composition. It has been life changing for me and in the lives of my patients. If you want to lose weight, improve lean muscle, normalize hormones, reduce disease risk, and slow your aging process take a look at my Ebook at and blog at



CAMBRIDGE, MA, United States

Proud to be involved in the day to day management of one of the north east's only paleo friendly restaurants. Located just 30 minutes north of Boston, we've found a niche that satisfies the appetite of avid Crossfitters, the health conscious, Celiacs, and those looking to just try something new.

Stephanie Noel


Vancouver, -, Canada


Personal trainer at Steve Nash Sports Club downtown Vancouver

Steve Nottle


Brisbane, -, Australia

A long time health and fitness enthusiast and corporate health provider sharing the primal message with enthusiasm and result!

Martin Novotny


Krouzova 3049
Prague, -, Czech Republic



45ish (feel like 30), father of 2 boys, husband, geek non-plus-ultra, transformation coach, bio-hacker2, gastronaut, nutrarian, health detective, infovore ;-) Besides PB certification I am Precision Nutrition/Institute for Integrative Nutrition/C.H.E.K Institute certified and hold other 20+ nutrition and fitness specializations. I coach folks both in person and online.

Harry Olson


10990 E. Cornville Rd., Ste C
Cornville, AZ, USA


I've lost 60 lbs from July 2014 to July 2015. In the process, I'm off my high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes meds! I feel great! And I did this while being the Chef/Owner of my restaurant, Harry's Hideaway in Cornville, Arizona! Slowly, bur surely, I am adding Primal selections to my menu. I then hope to offer my customers and clients not only recipes and guidance on what to eat, but the actual food itself to eat at my restaurant or to take home. See my Primal Food Challenge on

Jenna Osborne


Auckland, -, New Zealand

I lived the first 12 years of my life on the bald prairies of Alberta, Canada. My mother cooked our food from scratch, and my sense of adventure was nurtured by our huge backyard, and the Alberta Badlands.

We moved to New Zealand when I was 12, and as my sense of love and caring for my body started to deteriorate, so too did my health.

It's been a long fight back, but now I am passionate - nay, obsessed! - with helping others reclaim their right to health.

Matt Pannell


2 Epsom Place
Cranleigh, -, UK


I am 54 and currently working as a postman in the UK. I served for 15 years in the British Army, before leaving to work as a gym owner and personal trainer. I closed my gym in 1998, but have always exercised. In the last four years I have been guilty of chronic cardio, running 30-50 miles a week and completing 30 marathons and ultra marathons. After reading the Primal Blueprint and applying the 10 Primal Blueprint laws to my own life I am reaping the benefits and eager to pass on my knowledge.

Cameron Parker


1014 Camp Verde
Forney, TX, United States


KinetikChain marketing director & Crossfit coach. Love helping my athletes achieve better performance in the gym & in life.

Andrew Pascoe


Ras Tanura, -, Saudi Arabia

When you take a step back from the break neck pace of modern day life, and think about who you really are, living a primal lifestyle makes sense.
I have worked in the health and fitness industry since 2001. Healthy living is my passion, I have felt the incredible benefits of living primal, I encourage you to do the same and will happily help you in doing so to achieve the body you deserve.

Shawn Patton


Vestaburg, MI, United States

I am a Health and Wellness Coach specializing in the Primal Blueprint way of eating and lifestyle. Food is medicine. It is a messenger to our cells. The addition of the right foods (and the elimination of others) can transform the entire body, upregulate fat buring, protect against and reverse disease, ease pain, and upgrade the brain -- promoting optimal gene expression!​

Mark Perris


Bath, -, United Kingdom

077705 646 77

I have been living the Primal lifestyle since 2012, and am interested in meeting others in Bath and Bristol.

I'm focussed on the esoteric threads of this path including close alignment with nature, the re-wilding and re-inhabiting of the body, and the creation of authentic mental and physical health to enable a grounded, instinct-led way of being.

Due to new work commitments I'm not taking on paid clients at this time, but if you'd like to talk or meet, please do call, text, or mail.

Brian Peterson


1 Sesame Court
Slacks Creek, -, Australia

07 3808 8040

Hi. I am a husband, father to two beautiful girls, and a lifestyle and wellness chiropractor. The Primal Blueprint was instrumental in our family getting healthy 6 years ago. Now I am passionate about helping my clients get healthy through the Primal lifestyle.

Jody Petronella


Columbia, SC, United States


Former obese diabetic lifestyle and health coach specializing in helping diabetics and the obese change their health and lives.

Jackie Philips


Discovery Bay, -, Hong Kong

I became interested in all things primal a few years ago when I moved to Hong Kong from the UK. I spend most of my time hiking and exploring all the incredible trails and mountains here.

Jeffrey Pickett


Sioux Falls, SD, USA


I'm a writer/blogger that has structured his new career around writing fiction but blogs about Starting Over at I'm a practicing Paleo/Primal member for roughly 10 years and I hope to use the information provided to build a business around educating people about how to improve their lives incorporating the Primal Blueprint laws.

Andrea Pierce


Richmond, VA, USA

Pharmacist, group fitness instructor, health coach, and wellness enthusiast trying to figure out a career that aligns with what I believe is the right way to promote health. My mission is to inspire and enable the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Jessica Pippen


Long Beach, CA, United States

(562) 283-4293

Paleo powerlifter, Barefoot Diva, Primal enthusiast striving to improve health, wellness and performance for life.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Women's Fitness Specialist
Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Mia Ponzo


Mangaf, -, Kuwait


I am a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert as well as an alternative practitioner doing reflexology, herbal medicine, and more, who also uses nutrition counseling as a way to help my patients get healthier.

Jennifer Pottinger


3403 Brabham Ave
Rosamond, CA, US


I have always had a passion for overall health. This led me to pursue a B.S. in Sports and Health Science. Throughout my studies of Anatomy & Physiology, I found myself with several questions as to why we were taught to eat & exercise in conventional ways. Shortly after graduating and going through a difficult transition back from deployment struggling with energy and a few extra pounds I knew those questions needed answered. This is where PB changed my life & I can't wait to share!

Sean Power


Haywards Heath, -, United Kingdom

Primal/Paleo living enthusiast living in West Sussex, UK.

Stuart Pratlett


Quarterdeck, Castledaly, Moate, Co. Westmeath
Moate, Co Westmeath, -, Ireland


Newly qualified Nutritional Therapist with a strong interest in men's health and the primal lifestyle.

Matthew Preston


5 Melville Drive
Whakatane, -, New Zealand


I am a doctor (radiologist), husband, father and friend. I have a passion for making a positive difference in people's lives. Primal thinking and principles can play a big part in making that difference. It can also make a big difference in our church community. Heathy body, mind and spirit - the complete package.

Jacob Primeaux


Austin, TX, USA

Math tutor and personal trainer by trade, philosopher by temper. I am Egoscue PAS2, HKC, previously ISSA and now Primal Blueprint certified.

Pamela Prinkkila


Eden Prairie, MN, USA

Primal/Paleo since September 2011.

Lifestyle Blogger at
Inspiring and encouraging others to regain health through the Paleo lifestyle.

Luke Quilter


12 Paulene Cres
Kearneys Spring, -, Australia


I'm a personal trainer, specialising in body weight training. I've been following the primal blueprint for around two years now and I teach my clients all that I've picked up from living a primal lifestyle. I'll use the PBE certification to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of primal living so that I can continue to educate myself and my clients about health and reaching our genetic potential.

I'm happily married with 3 kids. I enjoy calisthenics, gymnastics, bush walking and coffee

Jeff Rampino


2043 Beachberry Lane
Oviedo, FL, United States


Primal enthusiast who has been living primal since 2010. Extensive competition background including cycling and Golf. Have been dedicated to exercise since the age of twelve. Ironically, at one point of my life I weighed in at 220lbs. at 5'6". While I had gotten to a decent weight previously it was Mark Sisson the helped me achieve my genetic potential. Also a Level 2 certified MovMat instructor.

Lorena Rapoport


2192 Saranac Ave
Lake Placid, NY, USA


Together with my husband and my two boys I live in the beautiful village of Lake Placid at the heart of the Adirondack Park in New York State. Fortunate to be surrounded by the most ecxiting scenary in both summer and winter. I am the owner of CrossFit Lake Placid where I combine my passion for fitness with my love for healthy and wholesome nutrition, I have became a Primal Blueprint Cerfified Expert to help my friends and clients accomplish their goals of optimal health and wellbeing.

Raymond Ravare


3250 Old Cuyamaca Rd, PO Box. 249
Julian, CA, United States


I discovered Primal/Paleo in late 2013. Since then i have lost about 100#'s. I am a level one crossfit coach and want to share the success i have had with my fellow athletes.

Claude Reck


Spitzigerfeldstrasse 1
Marbach SG, -, Switzerland

+41 78 609 13 08

Fully qualified and certified Business Coach (CPD) following my education at the renowned Coaching Academy of Dr. Petra Bock in Berlin. IT specialist, gourmet chef and Author of Paleo Books.

An African-born, Australian-raised duo-national Swiss-Australian citizen with a striving (knack) for perfectionism. Enthusiastic barefoot walker and chilli eater who loves sport and gets out and about in nature with his pack as much as possible.

Jonathan Rees


Bedford, -, United Kingdom

I am a professional musician and teacher and co-run a performing arts college in the UK. I am currently training to be a personal trainer and am very keen to advocate the wonderful work of the Primal Blueprint team, which has already made a huge difference to my life and the lives of many of my students.

Jennifer Richards


Melbourne, -, Australia

I run Rumbles Paleo, an Australian company specialising in providing the whole wide universe with primal solutions to health and wellness--lucky me!
At Rumbles Paleo we produce a Paleo range of snack foods that retail in health food stores and independent grocers all over Australia.
I'm also a children's book author and have published a book based on our company's mascot: the cave-kid of spectacularity, Bumi!
Currently I'm converting our website into a resource hub of primal awesomeness!

Kristina Risola


12811 Vassar Ct
Hudson, FL, United States


I'm a certified rehabilitation counselor and a health and wellness coach. I have a M.A. in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida. I'm interested in the interplay between a positive mental health approach, a primal diet & lifestyle, and chronic disease.

Alexander Roach


14 york rd
titirangi, -, New Zealand


A personal trainer in New Zealand looking to add value to my sessions for my clients.

Christine Roalofs


anchorage, AK, USA


I am a Pediatric Dentist with a private practice in Anchorage AK. I also travel to remote villages in Alaska providing dental care for young children. Non-working hours in the winter are spent traveling historic frozen trails with my sled dogs. Alaska's long summer days provide ample time, after dog chores are done, to enjoy bike rides, hikes, and salmon fishing. I lost over 100 pounds several years ago using Medifast. I recently discovered Primal living and maintenance is easy and delicious.

Michael Rodwell


42 West St
Brisbane, -, Australia


Health Redefined is an online Functional Medicine clinic helping people all over the world to reclaim their health.

You're an individual and require unique care and solutions to your health complaints. We resolve the underlying cause of health complaints without the need of drugs or surgery.

Work with us to reclaim your health. Start today.

Eric Rogue


4020 Featherstone Ln
Las Vegas, NV, United States


I am a fitness model/PT from Las Vegas. A few years ago I stumbled upon the primal movement and found it resonated more than any other style of diet. My mission is to help change the fitness industry into promoting a diet/training program that is much more healthy and sustainable than the six meals a day/chronic exercise pattern that dominates it. I am here to show that extreme aesthetics are possible with minimal effort, along with a lifestyle that promotes extreme health and longevity.

Eli Rohde


6020 Peppertree Lane
Simi Valley , CA, USA


I am a registered yoga teacher, a licensed medical Esthetician and a personal trainer. Nutrition and FOOD are my biggest passions I have been living the primal paleo life for just over 6 years and I yearn to share my knowledge of fitness and nutrition with those who desire it. I offer nutritional counseling as well as personal or group fitness training. Feel free to contact me at

Neil Rosenthal


Ottawa, Ontario, -, Canada

Working/speaking in health care, sports medicine & biomechanics for 8 years in addition to participating/coaching in competitive endurance events for 15+ yrs. Experiencing myself & treating patients' injuries and training errors alike, I came across primal. I realized its potential personally + never looked back rebuilding myself. Applying it to my patients' evaluations is a monumental addition. Excited to apply the info of this cert to clinical practice and coaching.

Karly Rudy


Gainesville, FL, United States


I graduated from Florida State University with my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics. During my undergrad,I was employed by FSU as a Health Tester and Educator. I provided individualized health consultations as a certified ACE Health Coach. I was also a trained technician in the FSU human performance laboratory where the College of Human Science's research was conducted. Currently I work as a Chiropractic Assistant and a Health Coach at Integrative Health Care and Physical Medicine.

Laura Rupsis


6643 Blackstone Drive
Downers Grove, IL, USA


I am a 43 year old mom of 4 kids living in the western suburbs of Chicago. I work full time in the financial industry but my passion is for nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. I have been eating Paleo/Primal for 4 years now and recently obtained my Health Coach license from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My husband and I opened a CrossFit Gym in La Grange, Illinois in March. My husband Brad is our head trainer and I will be providing nutritional workshops and coaching at the gym.

Erica Rushbrook


3/84 Mills Street
Clarence Park, -, Australia


Health and Wellness Coach.
Owner of Amari & Taylor, a realfood catering company, that creates grain-free and sugar-free products.

My specialty is working with time-poor clients;I help them to develop strategies to create time for their relationships, creative hobbies (and play), spend time with their families, sleep, relax, as well as create time-efficient ways to meal plan, shop and cook healthfully.

I work with clients in a one-on-one fashion, as well conduct regular cooking classes.

Elle Russ


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Elle is a Certified Primal Blueprint Expert and the private executive assistant to Mark Sisson - author of The Primal Blueprint and creator of the Primal Blueprint Certification Program. Being a primal success story herself, she is very passionate about spreading the Paleo / Primal / Ancestral Health message. Whether you want to shed body fat or just feel and look healthier, Elle is the coach for you. She enjoys her leisure time by stand up paddling, hiking, yoga, and playing outdoors.

Andoni Salvador


Melbourne, -, Australia

+61 403 663 415

My background in IT suggests that I should not know anything about the mental, emotional, physical and nutritional aspects of life. Over the last 10 years I have studied NLP Trainings both in Australia and the United States of America. I am now a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release Techniques, and recently I have completed my studies as a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert.

Jawanza Sankofa


241 Trigg Rd
Bastrop, TX, USA

I'm a movement enthusiast, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, I enjoy being in the great outdoors working and moving at a slow pace rain or shine. I live by the 10 Primal Blueprint rules and I teach and coach my family and clients to do the same.

Adrian Schilling


Enicott, NY, USA

Currently I am in Law Enforcement but desperately trying to work my way into a lifestyle coaching business. I am already certified through MovNat as a trainer and now I am adding this Primal Cert to my resume for helping people learn how to be healthy.

Gabriella Schneider


Pomfret , CT, USA

After many, undiagnosed years of suffering from the debilitating symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease, I was officially diagnosed in 2011 with late stage, neurological Lyme. With multiple complications all stemming from untreated, bacterial spirochetes, I found myself researching information about food, while also extensively studying the human body. Through this, I have come to learn, and love how the two are truly connecting, sparking a passion like no other.

Kylee Seifert


Bozeman, MT, USA



I'm passionate about true health. I strive to help others be the best they possibly can, feel the best possible and live life to the fullest. As a gym owner, I'm blessed to be able to touch the lives of many. I love to travel, meditate and practice yoga, lift heavy weights, hike into the mountains, write, read and live life to the fullest with the ones I give thanks for in my life each day.

Pippa Seldon


Canberra, -, Australia

+61 416 363 233

I'm here to guide you through a journey of movement, mindfulness and nourishing whole foods to balance your body and provide optimal wellness.

When you take care of yourself, life becomes so much more enjoyable, and you really can have everything your heart desires.

I will inspire you with a positive and uplifting approach to eating, empowering you to create real and lasting change by uncovering your own brand of wellness.

Body.Mind.Nutrition is the Blueprint for a Balanced Life.

Greg Sharp, MD


Seattle, WA, usa

Low-carb, Primal/Paleo enthusiast battling conventional wisdom one patient and one colleague at a time.

Jean Shaughnessy


8640 Devinney Street
Arvada, CO, USA


I am a married, mother of 2 wonderful children, and a fabulous husband.

I found the primal lifestyle about 6 months ago, my husband and I have collectively lost 50+lbs, we feel energetic and are aging gracefully. We are looking forward to the second, healthier part of our lives.

I am a university graduate, and am currently continuing my education in health and nutrition.

I love the primal lifestyle, and would love to share my knowledge with whoever is interested in a change.

Mark and Michele Sherwood, ND, DO


6048 S. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK, USA


The Functional Medical Institute is a wellness based practice in Tulsa, OK. The doctors, the husband and wife team of Mark Sherwood, ND and Michele Sherwood, DO, focus on holistic healing. They are international speakers, teachers, and best authors of book "The Quest for Wellness." Testimonials from their work stretch from coast to coast and around the world. The couple also hosts their own television show, Living It TV.

Benny Shlesinger


Eugene, OR, United States


I am a student at the University of Oregon. I'm passionate about health, fitness, and leading a healthy life. I love helping others pursue the primal lifestyle and will continue to do my part.

Jessica Simms


London, -, United Kingdom


I am a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach living in London. I am available to coach anyone looking to transition to a Paleo/Primal diet and lifestyle, looking to lose weight or simply enhance their general wellbeing. Please check out my blog Jessential Wellbeing and contact me for more information.

Michael Sinisgalli


Johanniterstrasse 20
Richterswil, -, Switzerland

+41 77 462 4577

In addition to being a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert, I am also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (Pn1). I have been living a primal lifestyle since 2008. My areas of specialization are bodyweight training, eating real food, and living simply.

Milena Sinka


Vác, -, Hungary

I am a passionate paleo/primal activist since 2009, when I changed my diet and lifestyle together with my family.
In 2012 I decided to learn, so now I am a certified Nutritional Consultant, I have Diploma about Children Nutrition and now I am really proud to be the first hungarian person who can represent Primal Living in our country as a certified Primal Expert.

I am the owner of paleország website and organizer of biggest primal/paleo events in the area.

I'm ready to motivate others!

Jo Smith


926 Killora Road
Hobart, -, Australia

Health and Wellness Primal Educator, Food coach, personal trainer and advocator of sustainable living.

Neil Soman, MD, MBA


New York, NY, USA

Neil consults to leading organizations in the health services, life sciences, and wellness sectors on a wide range of strategic and organizational topics. Clients have included 5 of the top 10 biopharmaceutical companies, national and regional health plans, leading academic medical centers, and a leading consumer health company. He is board-certified in internal medicine from Northwestern. Neil earned a MD and MBA with honors from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Biology from Columbia.

Chris Spelman


Thetford Center, VT, USA

Health coach and kombucha brewer from Vermont. Always thrilled to meet with people and partner with them on leveraging strengths to live happier lives.

Former sleep technologist with an MS in Organizational Behavior, I enjoy working with people on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, with particular strengths in stress management, optimizing work environments, and balancing busy family life with individual goals.

Twitter/Instagram: @WildSideVT

Andrew Sperl


Milford, CT, Unites States


As a former athlete, nutrition and fitness have always been a big part of my life. However, it is in the last 5 years in which I realized that most of what knew about health was wrong. The Primal Blueprint was my introduction, and the incredible improvements I noticed in myself as a result of my lifestyle changes solidified my newfound beliefs. I also discovered a passion for wanting to learn as much as possible, and to use this knowledge to help others to achieve the same positive results.

Christopher Sprague


26 Central Street
Camden, ME, United States


Father of 2. Natural movement enthusiast.

Michele Spring


Broomfield, CO, USA

After years of searching why I just didn't feel great anymore (finding out later that I had several autoimmune diseases) I used the Paleo diet and lifestyle to feel better than I have in over 15 years. I started my website/blog to help reach out to others, helping them to know that diet and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in their quality of life. If I can help at least one person feel as amazing as me I have succeeded!

Samantha Stephenson


1861 North Sego Lilly Drive
Saratoga Springs, UT, United States


My name is Samantha Stephenson. I am a wife, a mother, and an ACE certified personal trainer. I find joy in teaching others about living a happy and healthy life.

Erin Stimac


Crestwood, KY, USA

I want to live an extraordinary life.
To do this I have to feel good, and have boundless energy to do the things I enjoy. I want to help others do the same. To feel good we need to nourish our bodies both physically and mentally. Eat the right foods that make you feel good, manage your stress, get some rest, and surround yourself with wonderful people that make you want to constantly improve the person that you are. I practice what I preach. I believe my methods work and live by them myself.

Melissa Stolasz


27003 Franklin Park Dr
Katy, TX, USA


My #1 goal is to get you and your family healthy! I don't focus on weight-loss as a primary goal and that's an important distinction as many people will do unhealthy things to achieve esthetic goals. Weight loss WILL happen for people that need to lose body fat; it's a very fortunate side-effect of getting healthy! I mainly focus on nutrition, sleep issues, stress management, simplifying life and finding a new outlook. This is not a diet. Let's set you up for lifestyle change that will LAST!

Alex Straftis


3221 Standing Bear ct
North Las Vegas, NV, USA


The Primal Blueprint lifestyle seemed too easy to be true when I first encountered it .

I had already lost my weight with endurance running and several other diets such as Atkins and Zone,but I hurt all the time and I had trouble sleeping.

I love anthropology ,and a lot that was stated in the Paleo movement was backed up by archeological journals I was reading. One thing led to another and now I am a primal enthusiast. If you take the time to look at the details it really just makes sense.

Karina Stuke


Delafield, WI, USA


Devoted wife. Mother-of-three amazing kids. Personal Trainer. Holistic Health/Nutrition Coach.
I have a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Auburn University. In addition to owning my own fitness/wellness business, I am the Director of Fitness at The Legend Clubs in Wales, WI. I played Division I college soccer, love the outdoors, and enjoy coaching my children's sports teams.

Al Sun


Medoford, NJ, USA

I believe what we eat can ultimately maximize our body or destroy it. The Primal Lifestyle is the truth when it comes to maximizing our lives.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Vishnu Suresh


CINCINNATI, OH, United States


Primal Enthusiast with a strong Spiritual Inclination

John Sutherland


3483 Laval Avenue, Suite #5
Montreal, Quebec, -, Canada


I'm an Adaptive Bodywork integrative manual therapist concerned with the biomechanics of efficient movement and alignment/support strategies as well as the Primal lifestyle and nutrition necessary to optimally fuel the human body. I place a primary emphasis on health and then secondarily optimize for performance.
I have competed in many sports including road and track cycling, alpine skiing, Tea Kwon Do, Squash... I remain very active physically however, I now avoid hyper specialization.

Patricia Sylwester MD


1801 West Bay Dr NW Suite 208A
Olympia, WA, USA


At Vital Rejuvenation the scientific principles of evolutionary nutrition and epigenetics are used to design transformative programs for our clients. The result is improved physical, emotional and psychological health. The foundation of our medical program is a nutritionally dense, locally sourced, whole food, paleo type diet. To complement our diet we use comprehensive medical testing to design appropriate supplement and bio-identical hormone programs for each individual.

Gabriel Tapia


Inglaterra N31-210 Y Av. Mariana De Jesus
Quito, AK, Ecuador


In the past few months, prior to my son being born, I evaluated myself and realized that I was not healthy at all. I was suffering with very long lasting and painful headaches. When I stood for more than 20 minutes my feet and back would hurt a lot. I lived in a 5 story building with no elevator and getting to my apartment was harder for me than to my 90 years old grandpa. My weight was at 220 pounds.
I made a huge change in my life and part of it is spreading the word about this lifestyle.

Chad Thompson


Atlanta, GA, USA

While I've always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I don't have a health or science background. Rather, my roots are in business. I'm a CPA and co-founder of a successful forensic accounting firm. Through diet experimentation to combat lifelong digestion and IBS issues, I ended up at meat and vegetables. So, I fell into primal! In October 2014, I started a website with tips to help other busy professionals who struggle with finding the time to learn and/or integrate the primal principals.

Hyde Thomson


PO Box 235
Walcha, -, Australia


Married 14 yrs.Father of 3 girls. Farmer of grassfed lamb and beef.

Cara Tissandier


Ashbourne, -, United Kingdom


I stumbled onto Mark's Daily Apple whilst on a quest to find out about the meat I was eating. It was transformational! After experiencing the benefits of a diet and lifestyle change (from what I thought was healthy!) to primal, it became my purpose to help others find their own path to health and well being! I use my Primal Blueprint Certification training in my work as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and movement coach.

Michael Tombs


Jacksonville, FL, USA

Mike & Rachel here. This is an older picture, but it carries the message. I'm down 102 total, 53 since Primal. Rachel is down 57 since Primal. I have gone from a 42 to 32 waist, Rachel from a tight 12 to a solid size 4. All health markers are excellent; we are both certified personal trainers and Primal Blueprint Certified Experts. We are not actively working in the health improvement field at the moment. Just hanging out in NE FL and living large in health and happiness.

Rachel Tombs


Odessa, TX, USA

I have been following a primal lifestyle for the past year. Not only have I had some amazing changes in my life on this path, but I have become passionate about the lifestyle, and am committed to being a voice for change in my own community. I have been working as a fitness coach for the past 3 years, and now that I have changed the way I coach diet and exercise, those clients who have stuck with me have had amazing results as well.

Whitney Treadwell


San Diego, CA
n/a, -, n/a



Marta Trzebiatowska


Aberdeen, -, United Kingdom

I'm a sociologist who's passionate about mental and physical well-being. Primal Blueprint saved me from calorie-counting, hours at the gym, and constant worrying. I'd love to help other women to free themselves as well because we have a life to live!

Nick Tucker


Milton keynes, -, England

Devin Tully


Jacksonville, FL, US


Crossfit Coach

Justin VanArsdale


Endicott, NY, USA

I am looking to further my knowledge of the Primal Blueprint and in turn provide for those who need help, especially my friends and family.

Ashleigh VanHouten


Ottawa, -, Canada

I'm CrossFit Strongman and CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified. I've competed in powerlifting and swimming, and recently won an amateur figure competition. (I want to try it all!). I'm also a writer and editor: I've written for the CrossFit Games website and I'm a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine.

I've found the most personal success when following a primal lifestyle, and now I want to transition from informally coaching into formally helping others tap into their own primal selves!

Justin Virly


Townsville, -, Australia

I'm a high school teacher originally from Canada, but now living in Townsville, Australia. The journey from 124 to 82 kg started in 2007. I didn't discover Ancestral Health until 2012, but have always looked for the most sustainable, easiest and most effective way of living a long and healthy life. Primal is it. I am not involved in health/fitness at all professionally, but love talking about it. Feel free to email or find me on Google+!

Cindy Waldman


Hong Kong, -, Hong Kong

Hello. I am Cindy. I am a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Fitness Appraiser. I have a Physical & Health Education Degree and a Wellness and Lifestyle Management Certificate. I have been working in the heath and wellness industry for many years now. Changing my diet to the Primal lifestyle has had the greatest impact on my health (physically and mentally!!) and well being. I want to help others to learn how simple and easy it can be to feel their best!

Jonas Wallstrom


Gothenburg, -, Sweden

Co-owner of CrossFit Njord in Stenungsund, Sweden. A primal friendly CrossFit box.
Been primal since 2009 and loving it!
I'm a true outdoor enthusiast, and also running the Sweden-based adventure expedition company, Nordic Overland.
-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Sharilyn Wasser


Stafford, VA, USA

I'm a Professional Registered Nurse and during my career I've seen clients as well as myself struggle with weight issues. In June of 2013 I did a 3 day juice fast and then embarked on my Primal journey. Didn't realize that my issue was with carbs, but like so many others I do now. I own my own Health/Wellness Company here in Stafford, VA and I'm looking forward to sharing the Primal health movement and lifestyle with others. Grok on!

Caroline Watson


Oaks Farmhouse
Ambleside, -, United Kingdom


I write for Primal Eye Magazine and my Partner Stephen and I run the UK based 100% grass-fed meat business and the hub for sustainable primal living and marketplace We live in bliss in the stunning Lake District with our wild kids. We LOVE wild spaces and outdoor fitness.

Kelly Weston


Woodland Hills, CA, USA


Hi! I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified in Classical-Progressive Pilates. I've been teaching fitness for the past 10yrs in Los Angeles and now have a Private Pilates/Fitness Studio in Woodland Hills, Ca. I offer a series of monthly workout videos to members of "I'm Fit & Happy", my Online Personal Training Program! My monthly workout videos include Pilates, Barre, Strength, Core & HIIT. Workouts are brief and intense and can be done anywhere! Try the free trial out on the site!

glenn white


Maghera, -, United Kingdom

I am a fitness instructor and nature reserve manager with special interests in movement and ethnobotany. This is about allowing our bodies to move the way nature intended, to allow us to explore our optimal gene expression, to be mindful of what we are and where we are in our natural environment.

Through movement, play, diet and conscious lifestyle choice, we can truly harness the force of nature.

Tom White


Winnipeg, MB, -, Canada

Approaching the age of 50 and being 309lbs at 6'1" wasn't enough of a was Type 2 diabetes that was untreated for almost 2 years that tipped my decision to change my life. I switched to Primal in Oct 2011 and the diabetes was gone in 3 days. 99.5lbs lost in a year eating wonderful foods! See website - more than 12 health issues resolved.
After being in technical work I have done a 180 and started a nutritional counselling business.
Teaching others how to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE.

Tanja Wilkins


Columbia, SC, USA

New to the field of personal and nutritional coaching, I'm looking forward to working with a wide array of people to improve our healths. By combining the knowledge of growing ones own nutritional food and of the primal lifestyle there can only be an healthier future for all of us!

Julie Williams


31 Daniells Walk
Lymington, -, United Kingdom


I adopted a Primal diet two years ago and although I didn't have any weight to lose one of the most amazing transformations for me was getting my blood sugar under control and being more intuitive with how I eat. I have travelled and worked in a number of different countries as travelling has always been a big passion in my life. I'm now married and we're finally settling down, buying a house and feathering the nest. I wanted to study more in depth about the Primal Lifestyle as its awesome!

Martin Williams


Melbourne, -, Australia

Personal Trainer
Lifestyle Coach
Endurance Specialist

Rohan Williams


Sydney, -, Australia

I want to be better. I write about psychology, books, happiness, health, fitness, and more. I read a lot.

Autodidact, reader, writer, psych enthusiast, trivia nerd, sport & game player, fan, composer

Wade Wilson


8324 Cedar Chase Dr.
Fountain, CO, USA


I am a Health Coach, currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ,specializing in the Primal lifestyle here in the great state of Colorado. I have personally seen my life and the life of my family and friends changed dramatically due to the Primal Blueprint. I am so excited to work with those folks out there that want to live life to its FULLEST and THRIVE, not just survive! Please fell free to contact me for more information! Grok On!

Ludovic Wilson-Roy


14 High Barholm
Kilbarchan, -, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1505703858

Hi, I'm Ludo, owner at QT Fitness and QT Health in Glasgow (Kilbarchan).

I entered the primal journey in 2009, I've since managed to maintain a high level of fitness, despite retiring from a professional football career and starting an entrepreneur one.

I've fully embraced the primal lifestyle and have set up my wellbeing business upon the primal laws.

Contact me for more info.

Certified Primal blueprint expert
Certified Movnat Level 2
Certified Paleo nutritionist
Personal trainer Level 3

Bradford Wise


Goffstown, NH, USA


I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and a relatively new Paleo/Primalite. I love being outdoors. I am also an aspiring Personal Trainer.

Clara Wisner


1757 Vine St., Apt. 1
Denver, CO, United States


Clara Wisner is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and "Paleo 2.0" coach. She attended school at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, CO from 2012 to 2015. Clara Wisner is also a Certified Primal Expert and a Certified Sugar Detox Coach. She has a BS in Resource Conservation and Economics from the University of Montana. She is a world traveler and is working on cookbook tentatively called Paleo Around the World: A modern Take on Traditional Recipes.

Kris Woods


1865 Browse Road
Kelowna, -, canada

Hello, I read the Primal Blueprint back in 2011, lost 58lbs and felt great! I gave my books away trying to spread the message, but I lost track. I've gained a few lbs back now but I'm starting up the Primal Study again knowing it's the best way.

David Wyant


29477 Rockridge Lane
Lebanon, MO, USA


I am a continued work in progress; wishing to help others on their road to health, the Primal way. I've been in health care for 40 years. I am a nurse, certified in Emergency Nursing and Pediatric Emergency Nursing at a rural community hospital in Missouri. I see the results of poor life styles in my Emergency Department every day and I myself have diabetes currently using an insulin pump. My life has changed and continues to change due to the primal way of life. Lets go the Primal Way....

Erika Yigzaw


5940 SW Hood Avenue
Portland, OR, USA


Erika is the Chief Institutional Officer at American College of Healthcare Sciences (, where she also teaches Health Consulting & Business Skills . A kiwi and a former lawyer with a sassy sense of humor, she is also a social media queen, lavender farmer, smoothie junkie, kale pusher, beekeeper, and homeschooler. She is a wee bit obsessed with holistic nutrition and aromatherapy and writes frequently for the College blog at

Kitty YUEN


Mountain View, CA, United States


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ELIOT George

Gordana Zachariadou


Limassol, -, Cyprus


Matthew Zastrow


678 N Brentwood Dr. Crystal Lake, illinois
Crystal Lake, IL, United States


Feel your best,as soon as possible,and for as long as possible. That's what following the Primal Blueprint did for me.

As a Certified Primal Blueprint Expert and Health Coach, I can work with you one on one to ensure you enjoy your transition into a healthier, happier, and more successful you!

Your not alone. Get your own certified Primal Blueprint Expert to be your very own dedicated Health Coach and feel great sooner rather than later.